System Solutions


Best indoor climate with minimum energy consumption

Air Academy Seminars

Lectures on demand controlled ventilation, the synergies between energy production and distribution systems and a focus on integrated planning

Seminars and Lectures in Systems

Swegon systems and system products for maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption.

End-customer & investor seminars

The value and LCC for end-customer's for renovation and new construction for various building types. What is the value of comfort? What is the value of a low operating cost? How should one prioritise?

Concept development and support for different building types

Hotel Solution, Retail Solutions, Office Solutions et.c.

Products and Systems must be handled differently for various building types. An induction unit in a hotel meets completely different requirements than in an office building. These differences begin at the investment decision, continues in the planning phase and during installation and extends all the way to service and maintenance




System Solutions for indoor climate


IPaD works exclusively with the company Swegon with a number of project-based assignments


System solutions for optimal indoor climate with minimum energy consumption requires an integrated planning as early as possible in a real estate project.

Awareness and knowledge concerning the special requirements and characteristics of different building types are crucial to get a effective building.


IPaD has a thorough knowledge of among others; hotels, shops , schools and multi-functional buildings